UPDATE! 3D Veterans partners with Dremel Education to bring Veterans into K-12 classrooms to assist with 3D Printing Expertise!


3D Vetsquad

3D Veterans' 3D VetSquad is providing on-site 3D Printing professional development, technical support and service to classrooms across the country with our expert military veterans. Who better to showcase advanced technology in a classroom than a veteran?

3d pRINTING careerS

From the 3d printing classroom to their dream job or dream business, 3D Veterans trains and mentors americas heroes every step of the way. We ensure every veteran who completes our 3D Printing Bootcamp is successful in their desired careers or business.



3D Veterans believes in giving back to the veteran community. We partner with veteran organizations, government entities, and corporations who are passionate about helping veterans to create customized 3d printing bootcamps to assist our disabled veterans. 

Your all-in-one destination for 3D Printing Training


3D Veterans collaborates and co-creates customized 3d printing training for their 3d printing bootcamps with experts in design, engineering, additive manufacturing, photogrammetry, and material sciences. At 3D Veterans we also believe in using state of the art equipment and facilities. This ensures that every veteran is getting the most current curriculum and hands-on training to keep up with the fast paced innovation of additive manufacturing/3d printing. Our bootcamps include instruction in 3d printing and design foundations, advanced 3d modeling, 3d scanning, and hands-on with 3d printers. We conduct our bootcamps with traditional classroom training, hands-on labs, and on-line webinars.


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Find a meaningful career or start a business in 3D Printing. We will guide you there.



3D Veterans is the go-to destination for finding employment in additive manufacturing for veterans. We partner with companies who are employing Additive Manufacturing Technicians, Product Developers, R&D, 3D Modelers, 3D Printing Repair & Installation, Educators, and more. 

Starting a 3D Printing Business? Need Mentorship? Financing?

We have you covered veterans!

3D Veterans provides entrepreneurship training in our 3d printing bootcamp. We will show you how to start your business, mentor you, and provide information on obtaining financing.



Career Opportunities in Multiple Industries

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing has proven great advancements in most of todays largest industries. This has led to adoption of 3D Printing all over the world. Completion of our 3D Printing Bootcamp puts you in a special list for multiple industries hiring strategies. Not only are you a veteran with desired qualities and characteristics for employers, but you will now possess very highly technical skills needed in each industry.


Helping those who have sacrificed for us.


3D Veterans gives back to our veteran communities in various ways. We create customized 3D Printing Bootcamps that enables veterans to create custom assistive technology devices for our disabled veterans. Our objective is to have our disabled veterans live as high quality of life as possible by enabling them and other veterans to create products which will assist them in every facet of life.


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